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Guqin Music and Lecture on Traditional Music Aesthetics

During the 2024 Chinese New Year celebrations, the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen hosted a remarkable cultural exchange event on […]

Seasons of China-Rain Water

Rain Water, the second solar term of the twenty-four solar terms, marks the transition from winter to spring, occurring annually […]

Celebrating Year of the Dragon at Carlsberg Group

Last Friday, February 9, 2024, on the eve of the Chinese New Year, the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen and […]

Exploring Song Dynasty paintings: An immersive artistic journey with CGTN Art Series

During the Song Dynasty, Chinese landscape painting underwent significant advancements, with artists vividly portraying peaks, mountains, streams and river valleys. […]

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon! Let’s fest! 2024 China Cultural Creative Products Overseas Promotion Activity

The Chinese New Year is the most important traditional festival in Chinese culture. The Chinese New Year has been officially […]

Yaji in Copenhagen – Chinese New Year

On February 2, 2024, as the Chinese New Year of the Dragon approaches, the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen successfully […]

Seasons of China – Beginning of Spring

“Lichun” or the Beginning of the Spring, the first of the 24 Chinese solar terms. It marks the start of […]

From Grapes to Oasis, Papercuts Unfold Enchanting Tales: Embark on a Journey of Harmony with the Beauty of Shared Arts

More surprises and excitements await you on January 27 as the seventh episode of The Beauty of Shared Arts, a […]

Season of China-Greater Cold

Great Cold , the final term in the 24 solar terms, falls between January 20th and 21st each year when […]

Season Of China – Minor Cold

” Minor Cold” or “Xiaohan,” the 23rd solar term among the 24 Chinese solar terms, is the 5th term in […]

Season Of China- Winter Solstice

"Winter Solstice" is the 22nd solar term among the 24 Chinese Solar terms and one of the earliest established in China. Over 2500 years ago in the Chunqiu Period (approximately 770 to 481 BCE), ancient observers determined the timing of the Winter Solstice using sundials, placing it between December 22nd and 23rd when the sun's celestial longitude reaches 270°.

Copenhagen Winter Yaji Unveils Chinese Culture Through Tea

On December 12th, over 30 members from a local senior club visited the Copenhagen China Cultural Center in Copenhagen to participate in the Copenhagen Winter Yaji.

Journey Through Time, Across Twin Cities: A Chinese Experience

On November 30, more than twenty students and teachers from Borupgaard Gymnasium in Denmark visited the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen to immerse themselves in the essence of both ancient and modern Chinese life and listen to the Chinese stories of Beijing and Shanghai.

Season of China-Major Snow

"Major Snow"(DaXue), the 21st solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, marks the official onset of mid-winter, usually falling around November 22nd or 23rd when the sun reaches the celestial longitude of 255 degrees.

China Cultural Center in Copenhagen Book Club Special Seminar on “Event Production”

On November 28, the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen held a seminar on “Event Production” during its book club session. […]

Season Of China-Minor Snow

Minor Snow(XiaoXue), the 20th solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar, marks the beginning of winter.

“SHANGHAI IN MY MIND” Global Creative Design Initiative Debuts at Copenhagen China Culture Center

On November 10th, the launching ceremony of the SHANGHAI IN MY MIND global creative design solicitation in the Nordic region and the "Shanghai Let’s Meet" city image promotion event in Denmark were held at the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen. Following the successful conclusion of the 6th China International Import Expo, "Shanghai Let’s Meet" left its imprint on the global design landscape, presenting Shanghai's contemporary urban image through multimedia formats. From various perspectives, the event passionately narrated the vibrant spirit of Shanghai to the world and warmly invited Nordic designers and creative minds to participate in the global solicitation of SHANGHAI IN MY MIND, jointly depicting their unique impressions of Shanghai. Supported by the Embassy of China in Denmark and the Information Office of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the event was co-hosted by the the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen and the Shanghai Center for City Design Promotion. Over 70 guests from China and Denmark, including representatives from the organizing committee, Jeppe Sebastian Kofod, former Danish Foreign Minister and European Parliament member, Liang Bin, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Denmark, Zheng Wen, Director of the Copenhagen Chinese Cultural Center, and cultural and creative professionals from Denmark, IBA International Confucius Institute, and local art institutions, attended the launch ceremony. This event marks the kick-off of the global tour of the "SHANGHAI IN MY MIND Global Solicitation," a key project for the international promotion of Shanghai's urban image. The exhibition showcased initial works from nine designers and creative individuals from Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, and Shanghai, unveiling 15 sets of "SHANGHAI IN MY MIND" Shanghai city impression art posters. The exhibition continues to attract global designers and creative individuals to perceive Shanghai's urban image and engage with Chinese stories. The global solicitation was launched during the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, and the Copenhagen exhibition features works making their international debut, complementing the outstanding works simultaneously exhibited in Shanghai, creating a synergy between the two cities. At the unveiling ceremony, with the joint witness of Chinese and Danish guests, representatives of the organizing committee, Liang Bin, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Denmark, Zheng Wen, Director of the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen, and Jeppe Sebastian Kofod, former Danish Foreign Minister, pressed the start button, inviting Danish and Nordic designers and creative individuals to express their perceptions and feelings about Shanghai through artistic creation, interpreting the charm of Shanghai from a fresh and international perspective. Director Zheng Wen of the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen described his vision of Shanghai to the guests during the launch ceremony, emphasizing Shanghai as a melting pot of East and West cultures, a point of connection between Chinese and Western civilizations, and a crossroads of Chinese and world civilizations. He encouraged young Danish design enthusiasts present at the event to actively participate in the solicitation, using design language to narrate their vision of Shanghai and depict contemporary China from their unique perspectives. Jeppe Sebastian Kofod, the former Danish Foreign Minister, conveyed that the relations between Denmark and China are reaching unprecedented levels, emphasizing that the significance of art in the integration and development of the two nations should not be overlooked. Copenhagen, known as the artistic capital of the Nordic region, has a high demand for art among its people, while Shanghai, recognized as the "City of Design" by UNESCO, is a globally connected international metropolis with strong innovation capabilities. Both cities are timely selections for joint cultural and artistic exchanges, offering more opportunities for urban art enthusiasts to showcase their talents. Liang Bin, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Denmark, highlighted Shanghai's status as a multicultural hub with a blend of modernity and tradition, while Denmark is renowned for its sleek and delicate design concepts worldwide. He expressed the hope that through this event, more Danes would come to understand and eventually fall in love with Shanghai. He also hoped to strengthen exchanges in the design field between China and Denmark through this cultural platform project, further promoting cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, and advocating for "mutual learning and shared beauty," creating a new chapter in China-Denmark friendship. Director Luo Zhiwei of the Shanghai Center for City Design Promotion also delivered a speech through video. The "SHANGHAI IN MY MIND" theme event marks the initial stage of the "Shanghai Let’s Meet" campaign in Denmark, unfolding Chinese narratives and highlighting the enchanting facets of Shanghai. It acts as a conduit for communicating and connecting cultures. The Danish promotional initiative thoughtfully chose photos that capture the contemporary essence of Shanghai, fostering a lively interaction between authentic scenes and imaginative poster designs. It invites those who love Shanghai to perceive, understand, and imagine the possibilities of Shanghai through different perspectives.

Season of China-Start of Winter

Start of Winter (Lidong), the19th of the 24 solar terms, marks the beginning of winter. It occurs when the sun's ecliptic longitude reaches 225 degrees, typically falling between November 7th and 8th on the Gregorian calendar.

CCCPH Digital Gallery Launch and Lecture on ‘China Stories: Reflecting Chinese Culture and Social Transformation at 798’

On November 2, 2023, over 40 students from the Copenhagen Business School visited the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen to […]