The library presents a vast collection of literature, reference books, history, philosophy, science and technology, art and poetry, as well as a traveler corner, films archive, journals, newspapers, articles and digital information on topics related to traditional and contemporary China. There is also a reading room, where you can read or you can take out the materials after registration through our system.

Multifunctional Room


The multifunctional room is used for both interactive experience and as a meeting room.

Multifunctional Hall


The multi-functional performing arts hall can accommodate about 150 people at the same time and is about 180 square meters. This hall is equipped with large projection equipment, lightings, surround sound and video equipment, background panel that can be raised and lowered, electric mobile seats, a stage and other multi-functional integrated audio-visual equipment. The multifunctional hall can be used for performance as well as a cinema hall.

Exhibition Hall


The exhibition hall has a total of six halls. The total length of the exhibition area is about 80 meters, and the exhibition area is about 350 square meters.

Classroom for Chinese Tea Culture


This classroom is used for Chinese tea art performance as well as Chinese tea classes. Chinese tea culture refers to how tea is prepared as well as the occasions when people consume tea in China.

Chinese Cooking Classroom


We have a kitchen for Chinese cooking classes, where you can experience the delicious food and culinary culture of Chinese cuisine. We have also a solid wood retro Chinese dining table for everyone to taste the food. The kitchen is about 40 square meters.



The are two classrooms, both can be used for teaching.

Statue of Confucius


Confucius was a Chinese philosopher and politician of the Spring and Autumn period who was traditionally considered the paragon of Chinese sages. Confucius is widely considered as one of the most important and influential philosopher in Chinese human history and still remain influential today.

VIP Room


The VIP room is next to the multifunctional hall and covers an area of about 30 square meters. It is decorated with Chinese antique furniture made of walnut wood. The room next to it can provide a variety of drinks to meet the different needs of guests, such as hot and cold drinks.