The library boasts a comprehensive array of literature, reference materials, historical texts, philosophical works, scientific and technological publications, artistic and poetic compositions, as well as a designated area wtih an archive of films, journals, newspapers, and various digital resources pertaining to both traditional and contemporary China. Furthermore, there is a reading room available for patrons to peruse or borrow materials, upon successful registration with our system.



Multifunctional Room


The multifunctional room is a versatile space that serves a variety of purposes. It is designed to accommodate both interactive experiences and meetings, such as presentations, workshops, conferences, and other events.



Multifunctional Hall


The multi-functional performing arts hall is a spacious and well-equipped venue that can comfortably accommodate up to 150 individuals at one time. With a total area of approximately 180 square meters, the hall is equipped with a range of advanced audio-visual equipment including large projection equipment, state-of-the-art lighting systems, surround sound, and video equipment, as well as a background panel that can be raised and lowered as necessary. Additionally, the hall features electric mobile seats, a stage, and other multifunctional integrated audio-visual equipment. This hall is suitable for a variety of performances, and can also be used as a cinema hall.

Exhibition Hall


The exhibition hall is an expansive and well-designed venue that is divided into six individual rooms. The exhibition area, comprising all six rooms, spans an impressive 80 meters in length and 350 meters in width, providing ample space to showcase a wide variety of exhibits and displays.



Classroom for Chinese Tea Culture


This classroom serves as both a venue for the performance of Chinese tea art and as a location for instruction on the subject of Chinese tea culture. The term "Chinese tea culture" encompasses both the techniques used in the preparation of tea and the cultural context in which it is consumed in China. The classroom is designed to provide an optimal environment for learning and engagement, and serves as an essential hub for the exploration and study of Chinese tea culture, providing students with a unique and immersive learning experience.

Chinese Cooking Classroom


The facility features a dedicated kitchen for Chinese cooking classes, providing an opportunity for individuals to acquire knowledge of the intricate flavors and culinary culture of Chinese cuisine while also actively participating in the preparation of the food. In addition, there is a solid wood, retro-style Chinese dining table available for the communal enjoyment of the dishes prepared during the class. The kitchen measures approximately 40 square meters in area, providing ample space for the instruction and practice of Chinese culinary arts.



The educational facility features two classrooms, both of which are dedicated to the purpose of instruction. These classrooms are designed to provide an optimal learning environment, with comfortable seating arrangements, necessary tools, and materials for effective teaching and learning, such as whiteboards and projectors.

Statue of Confucius


Confucius, a renowned Chinese philosopher and statesman of the Spring and Autumn period, is widely regarded as the epitome of Chinese sages. His teachings and philosophy have had a profound and lasting impact on Chinese culture and society throughout history. Confucius is considered one of the most important and influential philosophers in Chinese history, and his work continues to exert a significant influence on contemporary thought and culture.

VIP Room


The VIP room is situated in proximity to the multifunctional hall and boasts an area of approximately 30 square meters. The room is decorated with antique Chinese furniture crafted from premium walnut wood, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the space. Adjacent to the VIP room is a separate area that provides a diverse selection of beverages, catering to the varying preferences of guests, including both hot and cold options.