Who We Are

As the first China Cultural Center in the Nordic Region, our center is dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture to the local people through cultural events and activities, with the purpose of continuously fostering mutual understanding and strengthening existing friendships between China and Denmark. Our mission: quality, friendship, partnership, and accessibility. The cultural center is situated on H.C. Andersens Boulevard in the heart of Copenhagen. It was the former site for the Royal Danish Academy of Music. The cultural center is next to the city’s landmarks and famous buildings including the Copenhagen City Hall, Tivoli Gardens, and Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.

The building has an interior space of 2,434 square meters and contains a number of facilities including a multi-functional hall, an exhibition hall, a library, a room for Chinese tea culture, several classrooms for teaching, and other rooms and spaces. The China Cultural Center in Copenhagen was jointly inaugurated by Comrade Liu Yunshan, the former member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, and Marianne Jelved, the former Minister of Culture of Denmark, on June 11, 2014.

What We Do

On a regular basis, we host several cultural events, including exhibitions, concerts, seminars, panel discussions, film screenings, etc. We offer short-term courses including language classes, martial arts, and taichi workshops, as well as traditional Chinese painting and Chinese instrument classes, etc. We house a library to provide easy accessibility to the general public and to create a friendly environment for learning Chinese culture.

The exhibition hall is utilized for teaching calligraphy and painting, as well as hosting exhibitions of photography and paintings. The multi-function hall is able to accommodate a wide variety of events, including performances, seminars, press conferences, and film screenings. Calligraphy, painting, music, and dance are some of the art forms that are taught in the training area, in addition to Chinese martial arts. In addition, there is a part devoted to tea culture classes that is available for use in learning Chinese tea culture.


Take a Look Inside the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen

Our Mission


To enlighten and entertain through quality contemporary and traditional Chinese cultural content in order to strengthen bonds between China and other countries with mutual respect and ongoing partnerships.