Traditional Chinese Medicine Health-Cultural Day

On November 27th, the “Traditional Chinese Medicine Health-Cultural Day” event was successfully held at the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen […]

Quiz with Prizes

How much do you know about the Winter Olympics? Send your answers to the questions to with the title […]

The Art of Egg Carving in Shanghai (II)

How to carve an egg Carving an egg usually takes four steps, namely sketch (prepare a draft), scratch the basic […]

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About Us

Being the first China Cultural Center in the Nordic Region, our center is dedicated to promoting the understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture to the local people through cultural events and activities.

Cultural Activities

We host a variety of cultural events such as exhibitions, performances, seminars, panel discussion, film screenings etc. on a regular basis.


We offer short-term courses such as language classes, martial art and tai-chi workshops as well as traditional Chinese painting and Chinese instrument courses etc.

Information Services

We house a library to provide easy accessibility to the general public and to create a friendly environment for the learning of Chinese culture, history, society etc.