The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese folks festival. On that day, the full moon hangs high in the sky and families are reunited. As such, the festival is also known as the Reunion Festival. On the night of Mid-Autumn, families gather together to enjoy good food and great conversations, spending quality time with each other. The Chinese are fastidious about their food, and that is displayed to its fullest extent during the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. Aside from the main course, seasonal desserts are certainly a key feature on the dining table.


Snow Skin Mooncake

The moon is full when the flowers are blooming. Among all kinds of moon cakes, the soft, luscious and sweet snow skin moon cake is liked by both the young and the old.

Osmanthus and Red Bean Glutinous Rice Balls

In The golden autumn season when the fragrance of osmanthus gladdens the hearts red beans meet with Glutinous Rice Balls for a sweet and perfect Mid-Autumn Festival and dispel the autumn chill.

Osmanthus-flavored Steamed Lotus Root

Embrace the Mid-Autumn Festival with the tasty lotus root and the fragrant osmanthus,soft and sweet, with lingering after tasting.

Refreshing Pudding

The coolness of the pudding will make the mid-autumn moon mellower.

Kumquat Tea

Sweet and rich in vitamins, kumquatcan clear away heat and nourish the lungs, and dispel the sorrows of the season.


På månefestivalens dagen samles hele familien for at nyde lækker mad og god hygge. Det kinesiske folk er som regel kræsne om deres mad, og det vises i fuldt omfang under den traditionelle månefestival. Bortset fra hovedretten er sæsonbetonede desserter bestemt en vigtig funktion på spisebordet.