A Kind of Art: Drama Makeup 

Makeup Reflects Vicissitudes

The makeup art in Qinqiang is extensive and profound in the form of drawing and presentation, with endless changes. When drawing different roles and characters, it follows the history and character characteristics, selects clear colors and character characteristics to make up. The art of painting faces in Qinqiang reflects the development of modern fashion, highlighting the vitality in the simplicity, inclusiveness in the vicissitudes, changes in the vision and creation in the inheritance.

The sketch of Qinqiang facial makeup can be divided into ordinary and special. For example, the makeup with animal patterns represents special identity and ability of performers; a face marked by a composition of symbols, such as the stars of an artifact marks the peculiar wit of a figure; the cheeks outlined in pink stand for her old age; a handsome, and clean-cut face; eyebrows as the boundary indicate the upper and lower form of the two halves of the face; a face without wearing artificial whiskers; a face narrow and long, and the eyebrows drooping, and the peculiar hanging face. The facial makeup of special characters adopts extraordinary methods, such as Li Keyong’s one-eyed face in the Qinqiang. The burning lamp is decorated and painted with butterfly pattern, made of cotton. Clowns are depicted in various types of drama, with dried bean curd, jujube stone, garlic, mice and other patterns; there are special shape of facial makeup in the form of eggshell.

Archaic and Fashion Coexist

Through contrasting makeup of Qinqiang Opera with that of contemporary vogue, it is old and fashionable, reflecting the same and difference in archaic and fashion. The makeup procedure of them include cleaning face, combing hair, applying facial and cheek color, fixing makeup, perfecting eye and nose shadow, drawing line of eyes and thrush, applying lipstick, and each step is painted, drawing the outline of spirit. The beautiful memories left by the ancient costumes of Qinqiang opera in the screens fully show the charm of Qinqiang. Every sketch highlights the charm of performers, and thousands of faces in the myriad changes, not missing the smart in the primitive simplicity, and creating the nature of characteristics.

It caters to the visual experience of the audience in the extension of every drawing, either fashion or drama. Meanwhile, it also represents its continuing in the form of inheriting, changing under part of whitewash techniques of years, and a painting portrait depicts the characteristics of the era, like the change of four seasons, and applies on the impression of their fashion.


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