Blowing Fire – Qinqiang Opera and the Spirit of the City

          Inheriting a Unique Skill

Blowing fire, also known as fire breathing, is a wonderful technique in the performance skills of Qinqiang Opera, covered with a layer of mystery, and it is a rich variety of skills. Blowing fire performance is generally used in the play of the presence of demons and ghosts. Blowing fire represents the wisdom of the ancients, with rosin first ground into powder, filtered, and achieving extremely delicate degree, and with a long white linen fiber, strong tension paper packaged into packets. Performers blow fire before they cut paper, put rosin bag in mouth in a different role performance skill and in a different action, and then they blow rosin package, make the powder of rosin fly through the air to light a torch. According to different movements, they are divided into straight blowing, tilting blowing, slanting blowing, leaning blowing, bending blowing, turning blowing, and trampoline turning blowing; According to different flame shape, they are put into single mouth fire, even fire, turning over fire, dragon fire, mushroom cloud fire.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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Among different blowing fire in the performance, the requirement for performers differs, so this is not only a challenging performance technique, but also full of uncertainty degree of excellent performance. It depends on the practice of performers and the impromptu changes on the stage, such as even fire and trampoline turning blowing. High difficult blowing skill and instant show on the stage need more sweat and wisdom.

Inheriting the Spirit of Qinqiang Opera

In the ancient city of Chang’an, Qinqiang Opera entering into the spirit of the city from its formation to maturity, has become an art form praised by people in the streets and alleys. After various practices, it has been refined and forged. With the changes of the years and the repairment of the city, Qinqiang Opera has been growing more and more popular. Every inheritor maintains the professional ethics of “one minute on stage, ten years off stage”. The most wonderful performance is presented on the stage.

Chang’an straddles the ancient city of over one thousand; it is with the spirit of countless successors just like the inheritors of Qinqiang Opera that the city will leave the reputation in history, can it shine in the long course of history through test of time. It makes the city intelligent, thoughtful, and dynamic in the development and creation of Qinqiang Opera, and appears in the form of a better one.

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