Today, June 13, marks this year’s “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” in China. The “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day” originates from the former designation of the “Cultural Heritage Day”. According to a directive of State Council of China in 2006, “Cultural Heritage Day” has been celebrated annually on the second Saturday of the month of June. Its aim is to strengthen the protection of cultural heritage and create an environment that favors cultural heritage protection. At the same time, it will mobilize the entire society to participate, be aware of and raise awareness of cultural heritage protection. In 2017, the State Council adjusted “Cultural Heritage Day” to “Cultural and Natural Heritage Day.”


To celebrate such a special day, the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen, in collaboration with China’s Documentary Industry Service Platform, launches this documentary programme “Poetic Life – Handmade in China”, which consists of eight episodes. The documentary programme offers an entertaining overview of the inheritance and development of China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage from the unique perspective of  the generations born in the 80’s and 90’s. At the same time, it explores the relationship between Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage handicrafts and modern life, revealing the secrets and magical production skills behind the traditional handicrafts. Also, the documentary programme introduces the works produced by the Chinese cultural artisans.


“Poetic Life – Handmade in China” was filmed over 12 months, traveled more than tens of thousands of miles, crossed more than ten provinces and cities in China. The result is not only a fascinating documentary on ancient skills, but also a beautiful recording of Chinese poetic life and the art that it can usher forth.


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