The China Cultural Center in Copenhagen had lead our guests to experience the most authentic and elegant traditional Chinese tea ceremony, along with the trendiest meditation on 7th of Dec. 2022, which is the same day of the 24 solar terms named Major Snow.

Just a few days ahead of our event, China’s traditional tea-making techniques and their associated social practices successfully became UNESCO’s latest world intangible cultural heritage for humanity.

The combination of Tea ceremony and meditation not only enables us to have a joyful and cozy feelings with the warm beverage over the freezing winter, but also to be spiritually awaken by sensing the essence of the nature which is the Tea.

After the Tea ceremony, we practiced Qigong, to manifest the energy from Tea to an actual feeling of the flow of Qi. Our guests were super excited with this traditional movement.

We have also shifted from ancient Chinese tea ceremony to the modern local fashion tea beverage in Denmark,which is called Vakka, it is the brand that promoting tea culture with Chinese tea as the core element, and promoting tea culture through the current popular drinks among Danish young people.