From June 15th to 17th, three experts from the China Association of Zoology and the Cheng du Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding arrived at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark to start routine annual giant panda inspection, evaluation, and training activities. At the zoo, Chinese experts checked the health status of Chinese giant pandas and the breeding management and disease prevention and control of the pandas. They also shared their professional knowledge and experience in raising pandas with zoo staff.

On the 16th, Zheng Wen, director of the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen, together with the staff of the Chinese Embassy in Denmark, accompanied by Chinese giant panda experts and Zoo staff, visited the panda house in Copenhagen Zoo. On the same day, the Chinese experts also visited the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen. During the visits and talks, the Chinese Embassy in Denmark, the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen, Chinese giant panda experts, and the Copenhagen Zoo all expressed their willingness to further strengthen cooperation, promote panda culture, and promote in-depth cooperation between China and Denmark in the field of animal protection to promote sustainable development.

In 2019, two giant pandas named “Xing Er” and “Mao Sun” crossed the ocean and came to Denmark from China. They stayed at the Copenhagen Zoo and started a new life in Denmark. The two giant pandas were immediately welcomed by the Danish people, and the Copenhagen Zoo specially built a giant panda house for them. Their arrival has attracted a lot of public attention, which not only enriches the animal resources of the Copenhagen Zoo but also provides Danish people with the opportunity to watch giant pandas up close. It has also become an important cooperation achievement between China and Denmark in animal protection.