In May and June this year, the “China Culture and Tourism Week in Denmark” will be held mainly online to meet with Danish people in consideration of the ongoing pandemic situation. The theme of this year´ programs is  “The Beautiful China “.

The programs will be devided into three sections,”The Intangible Culture Heritage Empowers the Construction of Beautiful Village”,” The Ice-snow Tourism ” and “The Splendid Gastronomic Culture” to tell stories about China, to promote the Beijing Winter Olympics, to show the charm of Chinese culture and tourism, and to show the new development concept of “Innovation, Coordination, Green, Open and Sharing” in China’s domestic cultural and tourism integration, helping foreign friends to better understand China.

In collabrations with  Network of Internationl Culturalink Entities , the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, this center will present a number of excellent online cultural programs with profound ideas, exquisite arts and excellent productions to the Danish public, so as to promote the exchange and mutual learning of civilizations and to have a better understanding of  ideas on building “A Human Community with A Shared Future”, “A Global Community of Health for All” and “A Community of Life for Man and Nature”. We are offering a series of splendid cultural and tourism feasts.

The  China Culture Center in Copenhagen is looking forward to meeting you online!

Thanks to  The  People’s Daily Online Nordic AB for its media support.

Notice of Key Activities

The Readable Buildings

This column is a high-quality project jointly launched by the China Cultural Center in Copenhagen and the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism. The project will display 56 representative well-known buildings in Shanghai, to introduce them with the historical origin, architectural characteristics and cultural connotation of the building in the form of pictures and texts and language comparison of Chinese and English. The purpose of this project is to take buildings as a demonstration to vividly interpret the urban connotation of “the buildings are readable, the blocks are suitable for walking, and the cities are always warm”. We have also designed 10 “readable building” travel routes by selecting from the 56 ones, which named after “The Stunning Red Memories”, “Sensing River’s Feelings”, “Roaming the Shadow of Wu-tong”, “Tracing Celebrities’ Legendary Path”, “Reliving Leisure Time”, “Rebirth of Legendary Architectures”, “Impression of Urban Monuments”, “Integration of Chinese and Western culture”, “Cruising Shanghai’s Scenery” and “Exploring Chunshen’s Traditional Customs”, etc. Each of these 10 routes has a long story and profound feelings.

Such as, the route of Stunning Red Memory, for nearly a century, the red culture has always been the mainstay of Shanghai’s culture, this city was the birthplace of the Communist Party of China and a city with a glorious revolutionary tradition. The historical integrity of red culture has also become a major feature of Shanghai culture. If you want to get to know it, follow the Red route in Shanghai.

“Beautiful China·Craftsmanship” Exhibition — Integrate Design into Rural Vitalization

The exhibition emphasis the idea of “Respect and Cooperation” as the main line, taking Southwest China as the pilot region. This exhibition explores multiple possibilities of rural revitalization from the perspective of globalization, activates rural industries by technology, drives social innovation by design, and infuses rural tourism with cultural connotations. Presenting the achievement China’s targeted poverty alleviation and the construction of beautiful village. The exhibition consists of three sections: Firstly, the empowerment mode, the development and activation of traditional resources; Secondly, the sustainable mode, the popularization and application of new ideas and new technologies; Lastly, the cultural shaping mode, the design drives social innovation.

“Craftsmanship·Earth” — Intangible cultural heritage class

The project mainly shows the exquisite skills of Yunnan ethnic folk craftsmen, introduces their exquisite works, excellent skills and unique ingenuity, and displays Yunnan characteristic folk tourism resources. The project includes Ni Ni black pottery, Huaning glazed pottery, Xishuangbanna painted pottery, Yuxi blue and white pottery, Yiliang white pottery, Lijiang Naxi Jinsha pottery, etc.

Promotion of Beijing Winter Olympics Tour

In order to promote the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, we are offering you the most classical travel routes around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei during the Winter Olympics, and launch high-quality ice-snow tourism videos in Xinjiang, Heilongjiang, Sichuan and other provinces, which assists everyone to better understand the abundant winter tourism resources and unique ice-snow sports in China.

Winter Tourism VR Experience

Taking Chinese local winter tourism resources as the core, we will promote you with winter health care, skiing and other tourism resources, routes and products. Relying on the new media interactive technology, the project creates a real-scene, walk-able and immersive experience space, shapes the cloud travel mode, transforms the experiencer from the cloud sightseeing to the on-site seeing, and makes the communication between the characteristic tourism resources and the experiencer zero distance, thus effectively promotes the transmission of China’s winter tourism image.

The Story of the Taste Creators

The project takes gourmet as the starting point, tells the story of 100 taste creators, shows the inspiration and influence of their life experience on food taste, and records the humanistic legends and spiritual genes behind each unique flavor.

Different City, Different flavors” Promotion of Chinese Local Food Tourism Resources

With the no barrier narrative mode of “Cuisine and Stories and Tourism”, the story of the video is added on the basis of highlighting cuisine, which not only highlights the local characteristic food, but also expresses the happy life of the Chinese people through the story behind the food, so as to achieve the goal of emotional resonance.

Short video exhibition of China’s outstanding performances

Based on the national excellent tourism performance project organized by the Industrial Development Division of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, a series of  micro-video is produced, with emphasis on displaying tourism performances with Chinese characteristics.

“June 1 International Children’s Day” Children’s Painting Exhibition

The exhibition will be composed of “Andersen International Children’s Illustration Competition (China)” excellent works and some Danish children’s paintings, reflecting the optimism, purity, fraternity and dedication of Chinese and Danish children during the pneumonia epidemic.