Chords of the New Year - Spring Festival Symphony Orchestra Concert

This Concert is divided into three segments: Spring Festival Overture, the Chinese Sights and Sounds suite, and classical Western pieces, comprising eight instrumentals based on traditional Chinese folksongs and two classical Western pieces. Its traditional Chinese instrumentals match the strong atmosphere of the Spring Festival, presenting the fine traditional Chinese culture and the characteristics of ethnic regions. These form a seamless fusion with two familiar Western classics that complement Chinese folksongs, presenting a Spring Festival event that brings different cultures together.

Folksongs are important cultural symbols that are orally transmitted by all ethnic groups around the world, as well as the source of all human musical activities. Chinese folksongs can be generally divided into four types: mountain songs, “little tunes”, work songs known as haozi, and narrative songs. Once upon a time, these folksongs accompanied the weddings, funerals, host etiquette protocols, agricultural activities, and emotions of ancient Chinese. They are artistic expressions of life, incorporeal records with profound cultural significance, and historical heritage with independent value in their own right. Folksongs have complemented and co-existed with ancient Chinese folk customs, becoming a unique form of Chinese musical heritage.