Chinese New Year Virtual Exhibition

As the seasons pass, a new year starts. After bidding farewell to the Year of the Mouse, we welcome the Year of the Ox. The Spring Festival (the Chinese New Year) is a time of newel, a time of heartwarming reunions, and an opportunity to progress together.

During the Spring Festival, Chinese people pray for a safe and auspicious year with paper-cut door gods, sing their optimistic hopes towards life through operas and shadow puppet plays, pray for the happiness and health through the auspicious color of red, and join their families in a heartening reunion as they await the arrival of the new year at the stroke of midnight. Amidst the festive season, the world unites in solidarity and welcomes a new Spring Festival.

This virtual exhibition will introduce visitors to Spring Festival customs, traditions and stories, and share the joy and blessings of the new year with the people of the world.