Take a healthy online journey to China with the well-known Taijiquan. Taijiquan was listed in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list in December 2020. During the “2021 China Tourism and Culture Weeks”, Network of International Culturalink Entities specially launched a series of Taijiquan Fitness Microclass, showing the development and spread of Taijiquan with `Inherited Story`, and leading overseas audiences to practice Taijiquan fitness courses with three basic movements which are created by experts according to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people, and appreciate the world of Taijiquan.


The story of the inheritance of Taijiquan

Yellow River and Luo River blending with each other. Three hundred years ago, Chen family who lived here for generations got the enlightenment from the nature.They express the thinking of man and nature in their bodies such as the combination of movement and stillness, the balance between the virtual and the real, and the essence of well-balanced tension and relaxation. Over a hundred years later Mr. Chen Wangting inherited his ancestors' boxing which had absorbed the essence of Chinese traditional culture. It not only enriches the theory of Taijiquan, but also attracts many practitioners. Chenjiagou, Jiaozuo, Henan Province still retains the former residences of several famous Taijiquan masters. Every courtyard keeps the memory of Taijiquan's history. Since the 1970s, Taijiquan masters have carried forward Taijiquan. It is widely spread in more than 150 countries and regions all over the world

Taijiquan in Three Moves

Move One: A Strike in the Face

Move Two: Deflection

Move Three: Single Whip