Creativeness of Craftsmanship: The Beautiful Countryside by Design is a project curated and executed by Beijing Saisi Boyi Culture and Art Co., Ltd. (directly affiliated with the Center of InternationalCultural Exchange) and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Based on the research on rural cultural resources by fine arts academies from the perspective of creative design in recent years, the project aims at reinventing rural craftsmanship and catalyzing rural development. By discovering the pathway to rural revitalization, the project reveals the idyllic beauty of the countryside, unveiling the “sweep changes”of China’s rural landscape in the new developmentstage. Four distinct themes under which short videos and H5 were published on overseas China Cultural Centers’ online project repository platforms. Coupled with the “China Tourism and Culture Week”promotion campaign, a special media column was created on,,,, the official websites of overseas China Cultural Centers, and cultural exchange magazines home and abroad to promote the project.