This food-themed micro documentary A Taste of China: Journey of Xinjiang Cuisine has 5 episodes in the first series, focusing on five representative cities (Urumqi, Turpan, Altay, Ili and Kashgar) from different regions of Xinjiang. A variety of border-less narrative techniques combining food, humanities and tourism are employed. Audience is expected to take a special journey to enjoy delicious food, unique customs, natural scenery, as well as the real life and timeless aesthetic connotation in different regions and cities of Xinjiang. It will encourage a profound emotional resonance with the audience.

Episode 1: Kashgar – Night Market Delicacies

Episode 2: Turpan – Naan

Episode 3: Altay – Fish and Lamp Soup

Episode 4: Ili – Xinjiang Hand Pilaf

Episode 5: Urumqi – Xinjiang Big Plate Chicken